Specialized Chisel Expert 2X

This isn't just the lightest mountain bike frame we've ever made; it's our lightest, stiffest, best-handling frame—period. The Chisel Expert 2X was redesigned from the ground-up to give you an unparalleled performance advantage on the XC track. It flies up hills with ease, descends with unmatched confidence, and wastes nary a watt. Consider it a cross country revolution, and remember, this is Chisel.

Our Chisel Expert 2X singlehandedly takes hardtail alloy XC bikes into the modern age, with the most capable geometry out there and a build kit that's all business. We built the entire frame from our top notch M5 Alloy to ensure an ultra-stiff, lightweight, and highly responsive ride quality that's well suited for XC racing. We've also tweaked the geometry for more speed and stability by slacking-out the head tube angle, lengthening the top tube, and correcting the seat tube angle. This way, it feels more planted then ever, and frankly, it's stupid fast. We also widened the rear spacing to 12x142mm and included internal cable routing. For the build, this Chisel hits right on the money, opting for a custom-tuned RockShox Reba RL fork and 11-speed Shimano SLX shifting.



Circular route with an easily manageable distance. The tracks are well signposted along the entire route and have a good surface for riding fast. Its highest point is the Iberian settlement of Montbarbat, which enjoys great panoramic views.


We depart from the Central Tourist Office in Lloret de Mar, located in Carrer de les Alegries, heading in a north-west direction, right next to the cemetery. We continue in the direction of the Water World water park, passing behind it into the Condado de Jaruco housing development, which we leave to our right as we begin to climb, following the Passapera Stream.

We climb as far as Turó d'en Trompa (hill) along tracks with a good surface, and with steep gradients in a few short stretches.

From this point we climb constantly in the direction of another hill, Turó del Pi Gros, skirting around Montbarbat on its north-west side.

When we reach the highest point of the track we turn right where a water tank is located and, passing next to a chain, we climb up to the summit on a track in good condition. Here we can visit the Iberian Settlement of Montbarbat. This vantage point offers a commanding view of the entire plain of the county of Selva, the sides of the surrounding mountains (Montseny, Guilleries and Cabrerès), the western part of Gavarres Massif and the course of the Tordera River. This is the highest point of the route.

We return along the same path as far as Turó del Pi Gros, where we take a left turn downward along a well signposted track with a good surface and then link up with the GR 92.

Once we’re on the Sant Pere del Bosc road, we can make a brief diversion to visit the Angel Monument before heading back to the track to resume our return journey.

We enter the Condado del Jaruco housing development once again and head back to Lloret de Mar along the same route we used to leave the town, ending up at the Central Tourist Office, the start and end point of the route.